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Megrew´s Boats: Oar Board


Turns a paddle board into a hot sculling boat in less than 5 minutes! Fits most all SUPs!

  • Fits most all SUPs! It will strap to any paddleboard over 10'.
  • Fast. Stable. Light. Portable.
  • The sliding rigger system keeps the rower’s weight centered on the fixed seat so there is no pitching or hobbyhorsing!
  • Comes complete with no major assembly required.
  • Designed for use in salt or fresh water!
  • Adjustable footstop for short to tallest rowers!
  • Ideal for beginner or experienced rowers, club training programs or family fun, exercise and fitness training.

Here at Megrew´s Boats we stock a large supply of oar board rowers and parts for the rowing community.